A mystic light of green neon, gleamed from the EARTH that seemed so habitually solid and reliable. In fact, one ought not to trust it so much because the EARTH being “median” between the SKY and the TARTARUS, serves rather as an oscillating mediator of a conventional projection of Above and Below. Now it is said, comprehensively about our Planet, that it encompasses a material shell of existence, the World Body lying on the only possible support: the Void… Therefore in the thin Astral, a lower “skeleton” of terrestrial life, naturally, is due to the spirit TARTARUS, a refuge of formless shadows…. And that is, by no means, a Purgatory contrived from a terrestrial pattern; but the more real, desirable Hell, as an affiliated living environment, the House of eternal Rest and Oblivion on the threshold of a black hole, the Abyss! Here, in the depths, as in a limitless abode, the Cosmic Ocean crowded with roaming Souls and Spirits unaware of dimension; and in coastal waters by the Gates of Hell, those that enter, issue forth from the commonplace, to Our Life, with incoming or retreating waves as ordered… And now at last the “Sea” is parting like a miraculous Mystic Guide and the “Sea-Floor” is uncovering itself before our eyes – the utmost subtle stratum of the lower Astral will now dispel the world illusion and substitute it with another one… My goodness… We see on the EARTH plane the conception of the first man (by a new version of the Author), and after that a rapid relay of generations amasses a certain baggage of confused notions about an utterly unknown world, where they suddenly find themselves, unwillingly. But we molded ourselves into our existence, habituated to the colonization of territories, and wrote clever books about our exclusivity. Though, after looking around, we can say with frankness; mankind is hardly so great an acquisition or imperishable value for the Cosmos, which gazes at us so stonily and remotely!  

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Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya

 Vanity of vanities… Everything passes… A seasonally revealed compulsion of all flesh to a poignant fading, disintegration and an indispensably optimistic precept, a Death Sentence. Forces, in the full sense of the word, “cornered” settlers of the EARTH simply living mechanically (live till you live!) or, as a monstrous drama unfolds, attempts to discover a justification for the criminal Design of God. And here everything is the same repertory; a cannibalistic World Order founded exclusively on the gorging of others in a feasible reproduction!

Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya

In that hopeless, intricate commotion of an insane community, involuntarily blinded to the fact that all Ecumenical sins were suddenly shifted on to the heads of those who dreamed “a revolutionary solution”, along some inexplicable path of “merits”, (in a medium of all-devouring short-term Society!) to find a new and larger problem, “an eternal prison” called Paradise.

The Code intended global collapse of the World, which we (worthy Children!) imitate repeatedly by premature micro-murders and destructions, generally against an ominous background of “Ecumenical suicide”, depriving us of eternal Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya values and long-term goals through indefatigable “religious” fantasies; where an “Object” of the World, has already been stolen by a programmed Death.But that fatal aggravation of our History, is mentioned meanwhile, as an aside, because to an entity Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya from the Animal Kingdom, a described “soil” zone, deep reflections on the meaning of life are alien.A “winter sleep”, a stagnation of the depressed self (a Soul fourfold failed!) rules here, but which, nevertheless, thanks to glimmers of “hominization” are highly disposed to imprisoned social habits, with a touch of monstrous prejudice; a free exposition, in their own way, of local ideology or religion.


Surely, for a wise man, it is not a simple task to bear a morbid, delirious obsession for rough Material; and only a Jester, as Master of a saving humor, might lend a helping hand…

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Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky MaitreyaNo matter how your Spirit hides itself from a similar Life or other, the real teeth of the Pentagram, is nonetheless an observance of a beastly form, obliged to participate in a “Babeldom” where each, intrinsically singular minded, “extraterrestrial being” implies its own truth…
For all, without exception, who come from the TARTARUS, possess an individual range of Sound, which is for them, inherently, Alpha and Omega.

Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky MaitreyaTherefore I dare say (to the point or not to the point!) that any Cult-like game playing that raises the personal “bar” of Ego to a height (not formed by nature!) appears in the absence of World Evolution, as no less than blindly naïve… So what’s to be done if a transit of the Pentagram is to quench the indefatigable thirst of evolutionists for “the best”, suddenly, before our eyes, creates a near fabulous World from the utterly dark and drab Everyday Life!...


Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky MaitreyaViatcheslav Petrov-Gladky MaitreyaViatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya