A desolate place, my friends, a place of mortality… Everything here seems destitute; the deathly smell of autumn is everywhere. The weak light coming through the thick scarlet curtains of the World-Wide Brothel colors everything in shades of blood and sundown. The intimate events of Tantra are well-hidden. But why this camouflage if everybody knows the Kamasutra?

See, here is the whole range at once: from the loneliness of a „sleeping beauty” to the „eternally copulating couple“.

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Things are not that simple, though! It turns out that the fleshly side of the “erotic medal” can suddenly turn from the emptiness of false Light to the fullness of wise Darkness, in which the World Sacral had few witnesses and was free of light. This sign of the cosmic lover conceals the heroic mounting with its loss of the ego, which enables further travel: easy, lascivious sliding without passionate desire and sweaty excess. A wondrous surprise, but EROS is actually ungendered, sexless, a symbol of unwilling retreat! See how dark this medallion is, this grave-stone-like profile with its retreating corona of Light... All things point to the mystery of the Heavenly Groom preparing for the Bedchamber of EROS: the final step toward lightless Hell, TARTARUS, following into the footsteps of a few Heroes... The anomaly of the double kingdom, the shared power of Light and Darkness on both sides of the Pentagram Wheel can be understood only in projection, and as yet, the Author does not seem to have awakened his memory of belonging, does not seem to know what will follow… He sees, lost in wonder, how the dying Spirit of the Swan enters Peace, rolling itself into a tight ball against the restless pestering Light… And here is another Mystery: the Vehicle of Funeral and Marriage moves without moving in the ether, and the Shadows in it are much closer in their unity than copulating bodies… The Spirit of the Obelisk pierces and penetrates the willing, randy Flesh of Matter (as if the seven-starred saber enters its sheath!), illustrating the individual act by a Cosmic one. 

And now, the Spirit of the Swan appears again in the Vision, but now its milky, golden form resembles a swastika: like the cherub’s four wings, it mirrors the form an eternally inseparable couple.Sliding down a rapid slide of transformations we have no time to take a breath – here, in internal essence, the heart’s point of balance slides down, too, moving to the magic location of the umbilical cord. Now, all five Powers of the Pentagram hasten to rotate around the new Navel of the World! The Navel is erect now; the subconscious borders have been extended to astral locations where the Kingdom of the individual TARTARUS is housed. Here, in the nether regions of a prepared body, in the “hellish” expanses of the Cosmic Waters, the light feet of Maitreya’s Spirit can find a rest – but this will happen somewhat later (see ON MAITREYA)… Oh Gods! What we are going to see now is the Mystery of Mother Death herself. She is your best friend when the doors of the Underworld stand wide open. I, the Author, realize with the whole depth of my… (no, not my heart!), my navel, that nothing (in this miserable World left behind) is more beautiful and erotic than this creature, Death! No Amulet is stronger than hers!

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The Secrets of the Cosmic Tantra have been given the author in form of Epiphanies of the Black Spirit of Krishna, who embodies the “nirvana” of Darkness. No better Source of Knowledge is imaginable: all is liminal, all is one: EROS and TARTARUS, and the imageless Chaos. The limitless Secret can be introduced by these words of a Tantra Teacher: “Black is not a color but a hole. White is not a color but a light. The ideal and eternal swallows you. The secondary and temporary fails to be swallowed” (from a book ). In our Age of the Aquarius (the Epoch of Mystery Art Renaissance!), “oral” imagination pictures the modern image of the wondrous orgy of Trinity instead of the Double Sign of traditional Shiva-like orientation and gender (Lingam and Yoni). Without burdening our journey with too many details, let us only point out that the traditional rough and categorical separation of “masculinity” (Yang in ancient Chinese culture, Light, the Monada) and “femininity” (Ying, Darkness, Shakti) has been softened; the swallowed Lingam has turned into an empty illusion: a tube, the projection of two yoni-like openings. This “zero-situation”, Krishna’s „Flute“ suggests the existence of the most secret and powerful Zero-Energy arising at the meeting of two poles which are different but equally softened by “femininity”. The Pentagram Travel Guide has in store an array of alluring illustrations regarding the theme of EROS, which we had previously hastened to close. Let us follow the Cosmic Flute and enjoy the black-and-white (key colors in our story!) Matriarchal Kamasutra of Maitreya’s New World Order...    

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