on SKY

Suddenly we learn about a new “Promised Land”, one sought in vain in the physical world; we feel it as a line drawn right through the heart. Here, in the materialized SKIES, the newly formed Spirit can find a place to perch and spread its wings. Here is its Home, from hear it can soar to a certain kind of „stratosphere” and then into the Exodus of the final liberation! The “Promised Land” gains life and spirit, it suddenly rises and forms the Thread of Life, turns into mountain peaks, espousing the Beyond! In these Mountain Heights, the wondrous relations to Higher Beings multiply, helping the Spirit to be and work. Only on the Spiritual Olympus, the reality of polytheism and hierarchy is realized. Fanaticism brought here by the DREAM is overthrown by the lessening of the Ego, and instead of the daring urges of the soul, we see the freedom from passion of the seeing Spirit!


In this key moment of our narrative, two secret essences of Spirit are worth mentioning: the Monada, its “Sun essence”, and Shakti, its “Moon Essence”. In fact, the whole universe is separated into what we may call „plus“ and „minus“ (in a one to two proportion), and therefore the Planet's population is directly concerned with the division of the "dynasties"... At the crossroads of the "Promised Land", the Material mystery occurs: the charge of the Monada pushes the Spirit up, while Shakti suddenly rushes down toward TARTARUS. This "mirror" fork will open some of its secrets in the EROS Tantra and the legend of Maitreya. But now we shall follow the chosen road up, and up only!   


Now, we have the unique opportunity of seeing with our own eyes the hidden Cathedral: the House of the Monada Spirit, a new Babylonian Tower of sorts, but one which can connect all Heavenly Spheres in flight. Its height opens incomparably wide vistas: this is truly the zone of direct ascetic Visions, in which all riches of DREAMing imagination suddenly become empty and poor compared to the stream of true knowledge and epiphany!


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The „Diabolical Wheel“ of the Pentagram is constructed in such a way that the Heavenly Doors coincide with a quarter of the circumference – the level of our heart; this is where the Heavenly Domain of Spirit is to be found in both life and death. And if anyone draws the card of followed Sound, the triangle of Spirit will – instead of eternal (ceaseless!) drawing-in – reach its qualitative conclusion, “Andrew’s cross”, an X over life lived… Few Travelers seek this. Alas, if this happens, the flight to the Unknown Limit excludes the possibility of further existence...  






Right in the middle of the Way, the Hands of the Pentagram clock seem to double, proclaiming the final hour – here, the great Crowning is celebrated before the crown is taken off again by non-being. Only missionary service can extend life “artificially”… And here, a thing of wonder hastens to follow the “Funeral” Mystery: the internal Tree suddenly appears in its complete diapason and glory! In our tour around the world, we can enjoy the sight of the Wonder , and then, having brought down this Paradise Tree, fearlessly follow the Author to the very Roots of Life!!!


Thus, my dear chosen travel fellows, we enter unknown Territories devoid of Light… Please follow the usual rules: shut the doors tightly, if you will, and (I beg you!) turn off the Light!