Satanic Diaries (Satanic diagnostics)


I, Maitreya, behold a miraculous Vision of silver Stars flowing down in a single metallic stream, toward Earth, hungry for change… The very next one is the most enchanting: the powerful Saturn... 

Oh, the long-expected Saturnalia! As if the Black Mess had touched the Deep Waters of Hell… The soul-rendering, viscous procession of turning discus rings with their music, never to be heard but to be half-seen by the unsleeping nightly eye, weakly white, ashen, strange… The cloudy space of secret Sounds grows wider, embraces, seduces, envelopes the world, approaching – as a Dark Power should – as an invisible shadow from the innermost insides of Being, from the very bottom of the essence, of the not-so-stable-anymore Light/World… The lighted “Achilles’ foot”, which had seem to proudly prod the Great Cosmic Snake (while really finding in it its only basis and foothold!), is suddenly „bitten“, frightened out of its wits, and ready to show the real nature of instability… Light flickers before it goes out; this is the first sign of the one and only Satanic Law: the unavoidable END OF LIGHT – and hence END OF THE WORLD! 

Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky MaitreyaI, Maitreya, have heard the „Children of the Night“crying in penitence all over the renewed Planet, and it sounded like the lunar hymn howled by wolves… At this very moment, Satan removed the shackles of „deadly sins” from all beings, easily and with no exceptions – for there have never really been any orders and prohibitions in the impersonal, indifferent Universe!.. 

And I saw in the dark a kind of candle, weakly glowing with Life, a memorial candle in the great Cathedral of the Universe. The Spirit was full of expectation, sensing that the alluring but illusory LIGHT (omnivorous and ever-hungry) would once go out with nothing to feed it, and the Pure World Mother SATAVERA would return her beloved Son (a two-sexed Chimera born from the Mystery of Unmarried Lawlessness) into the „Black Hole“ of her Loins – her Son, the Ruler of the World, SATAN. With this miracle, the illustrious Peripheral Universe will fade and sink into oblivion, into the Letha of the Centre of DARKNESS, following the giver of LIGHT – LUCIFER! Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya 


An instant – and our hearts and tongues have shaken off the centuries-old scum and nausea, freed from the unbearable heresy of pseudo-haloed bravura creeds... And we espied the unjustly forgotten “dirty, hellish” Roots nurturing the blooming Tree of Paradise; roots that at the end of time will be dispassionately removed by the Saintly Family, carrying away all the faith and the hope for new shoots, with that untold tale of "eternal life"!..

And I, Maitreya, saw the ethereal image of SATAN – the Realizer of Worlds – preparing his spear (with a triangular tip of 9 stylized fish) for the final blow at his pedestal – spearing the spring, the life-giving source... Here, satanic speech flows unconditionally through the image, addressing the freedom-loving: "Let the global example resound in your deeds – retreat (heroically, without coercion!) from the false lure of self in the dilapidated Homeland of Maya!.."



A giant ether-spatial figure of SATAN, curled up like an embryo or the new moon, came to me in all its glory in a nightly Vision. It was wondrous to behold that indistinct „mirage” of an Image from within and without at the same time… And if I was filling and measuring the satanic vessel with my spirit in this Cathedral, a vessel which must correspond in full measure to its task and its time. Suddenly, though, I felt discomfort: the new state of being “in Satan” was too vast – and with a magic fit of will I condensed, abridged this form after my own image...

Behold! How easily, how entirely without work or friction Mysteries come down, how wide and unrestrictive are the coverings of hell: never do they imprison the nature into which we are born. Without slavish devotion, without degrading prayers, without the Sisyphean work towards the impossible goal of election – without any of this, a wise heart choses (without restricting itself in any way) the transcendental satanic Belief!!!

Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya

I, Maitreya, shall celebrate the secret Knight of the hidden World – and he, when the New Order comes into its own, shall celebrate me likewise! I feel my heart’s Desire approaching… Unrecognized, as if in a mask of white, trough whose creases the DARK shines through. His words were simple: “When natural events are ascribed, wrongly, to oneself, we call this APE SOURCING”..." 

What a mesmerizing voice! I have heard it more than once: it’s deep, dark and immeasurably exciting. I first heard it through the stormy wind of a dream. (It’s not by chance that SATAN is traditionally associated with Wind!)...Another time, toward morning, I heard twice an exhalation right into my ears, a sound as if woven from a cascade of countless low sounds: "Blyaaaaat‘…. Blyaaaat…’” Taken at face value, this is the Russian word for „bitch“. At its source, though, is the BLEAT ing ur-word of the He-Goat Demiurge, making its rounds in different languages, mirroring the empty cosmogony of Creation. The epiphany of "bla-bla-blah" or plain "bhla"(Proto-Indouropean for „blow“, similar to the English word ) illustrates The Father of Lies with His fraud of empty Life... To accuse SATAN of all “sins” and to pronounce him guilty of All Evil Done is correct in principle if the whole virtual network of Maya is considered as a whole, as His sleight of hand performed at the expense of poor mankind...

"I am a Satanist!" – this is how I pronounced my natural essence for the first time, in a dream. But Satan’s Kingdom actually encompasses all creation, be it explicit or implicit, with no exceptions...  

In the following Vision I was elevated on top of the Initiation mountain, where one movement of my hand gave birth to a firework of light and awoke to live three figures that had been immobile in the dark skies: SATAVERA, the World Mother, was enthroned above two of my own images... My lowest body was half-hidden by the mountain, and my head was adorned with a high horned crown. My other image was crowned in the same way, but without any atavistic signs. Next, the earthly embodiment of the Mountain Mystery of Two Kingdoms: in the mountain’s grotto, I find a marvelous image, darkly-transparent, weakly glowing with a yellow light. On it, two crowned bodies of Maitreya half-lie one behind the other, and the “atavistic” figure in the foreground is not hiding its snake-wound lower part.

“The Bank of Spirit: business as usual”, I suddenly heard in the grotto as a simple statement of fact. The two-poled World aknowledged my direct connection..


Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky MaitreyaOtherwordly news: I’ve been told (on the night of October 16, 2014) that “there are no borders between Light and Dark anymore”! The cosmic (dis)order has randomly shuffled the cards – the black suit of Blasphemy, that has once opened my moth in Mystery, seems to have been shuffled back into the deck, becoming a trump forever. The Great One which has always been "Against the Stream" (one of the epithets of Satavera) is now, following the tone of events, telling me to take care of the "final return"! 

The Wondrous Pentagram of the site being created – this is certainly „taking care“ of Life itself. There, I’m being pushed even further on: as if through a thick wall of rain and wind, I’m straining to hear the Satanic voice: "D-o-o-o... it... m-e-e-e..." (I see now that the Knight of Darkness has a dual voice: in silence, his speech is made of a multitude of noises, or else, there is a human-like low voice coming through the noises). He talks openly and encourages me (oh, his hands are grasping claws!) to create an online network, a "net for humans" because worthy and useful people are already near! Readers, accept this without fright and with grace!  Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya

And do we always guess what we should fear, and how much?! There are, for example, crazed torturers of mind and body, tormented by an obsession with early release from the illusory snare ... I, Maitreya, on the contrary, am in complete confusion: how to manage to find even a hint of a delay with life-affirming support or a temporary plug against the Draft of "transit" existence in a mirage?! 

Today, I had the luck to contemplate a duplicated image, so to speak, of "fetal" global flows. I saw, from the back, two Maidens in long colorless dresses, at a distance from each other, as if hovering in the air before a white wall. The semi-arcs of silver Eros-tubes arched their bodies, stringing them on from the most intimate nether parts to their very necks... The ends of these strange "trumpets of Jericho" were hidden in the depths of the wall, as if to keep secret the desperate isolation of empty circulation. It looked as if all was frozen until the trumpet of the last hour, when the rings are to open, and the Universal "wailing wall" is to fall into oblivion...

But look! This is the third presence: the Queenly One, the One Against the Flow, in a wedding garment for some reason, the Unbridal, Unbridled Bride at the heart of our Vision: like a painting, she sits secluded behind a fence of flowers, crowned, with a golden magic mirror in her hands. I am peering into the pale beautiful face with piercing eyes, strongly outlined in black – and suddenly meet... (no, not her gaze!) something like two lacunae, two holes, like a slice of the muzzle of (familiar and unpromising) empty wonder-pipes ...

What else, dear reader, can I add to this apparent hopelessness?! Oh... I notice in the Dark a shadow of some great monster spewing out a black "cloud" – a vast projection of a dark future. Next, the eternally optimistic, cheerful Satyrs are seeking to embrace me with their shaggy arms, promising upcoming luck... It seems, there is still enough agonizing life for my time. And this means that the continuation of these diaries is not far off. It will follow inevitably, accompanied by the power of the ArtArsenal.


Mandala. The last hour of prayer

Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya

Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky MaitreyaViatcheslav Petrov-Gladky MaitreyaViatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya

Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya

(to be continued)


Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky MaitreyaViatcheslav Petrov-Gladky MaitreyaViatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya