Silent Avatar

Alice Bailey, the greatest Mystic of the past, prophesied the arrival of the Great Spirit of „The Silent Avatar” for the New Age, a Spirit hidden behind a veil of Mysteries which was to lift somewhat toward the end of the ХХ century… This is exactly what happened.

Today, Maitreya can testify that (right at the predicted Time!) a Body of energy was woven for „The Silent Avatar” in order to accumulate, transform and send “Cosmic Rays” down to EARTH. Thanks to this invisible and sudden external intrusion, the very obvious and active process of re-ordering began, which in Russian has intuitively acquired a name meaning “re-ordering”, “re-building”: Perestroika. Because of the Mystery of its secrete activities and Tasks, humanity has so far not fully comprehended and evaluated the truly global, world-turning events that began with the Soviet Union... The description of this "work" and the impersonal imagery of the Avatar appear on our Planet for the first time (in more detail – in the present author's book "The Way of the Seven Stars").


Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya 


Addendum: The Three Wonders


The First Miracle – Antahkarana (USSR), a temporary energy bridge directly linking "The Silent Avatar" with Earth

(1 October 1989).  "All secret doings of this night happened to conduct the Will which was to inspire changes in the country (USSR). The goal was to "make an Avatar”, ergo to realize its Will. I was contemplating our Earth and, hovering in the distance above it, the familiar rectangular plate. The plate then suddenly appeared up close, on its own. It was quite white, and fully covered with golden tongues and vortices clearly ordered in vertical stripes (a perfect repetition of the figure collected from the Development of "Grace" on September 5). It was explained that these golden tongues are in direct contact with the Sky and vertically conduct its Will. Then, I was shown this: the plate is positioned horizontally alongside our planet, and its radiation disperses over the surface of the Earth (Patronal location). The energy was spread in a horizontal straight line, but it was noted that due to the roundness of the Earth, a straight line looks like a circle."


(September 10, 1990). "In the Cosmic ether, there was noticeable an unformed World Antahkarana as a luminous chaos of squares. I was saddened by this unsettling image, but the Voice spoke about the need for such a moment. (Antahkarana fulfilled its program)."


The Second Miracle – The Wand (Germany), a permanent inductor

(September 11, 1991.) "The vertical axis was being established – the rod for magnetic work on Earth. This axis should affect the excitement of Spiritual activity, attracting people from all over the world. It was stressed that this was good and bad at the time: the concentration of power in one area enhances the impact, but a place thus stabilized loses mobility and spaciousness."

(September 12, 1991.) "Today I saw this Object – the Wand, hovering motionlessly and vertically above the German ground. It was bright red, and its bottom resembled a sharpened pencil with its golden structure and a triangular black "lead". Its top was buried in the sky, suggesting that God's Hand was at that point beginning His chronicle. (It is noteworthy that the colors of the Wand are in accordance with the flag of the country.)”


The Third Miracle – The Spiral of the Spirit (America), the navel of the Earth

(2005).  "Everything turned gray, and the air became milky... As it turned out, a giant Object in the form of tightly twisted spiral of white "clouds” covered the sky. It seemed to rotate, but was motionless at the same time. And suddenly it became clear that this was the Great Spirit hovering over California and revealing, with its very form, its new rounded borders.

And I heard a Voice from the Sky: "From now on, California is the largest state in America!"

(Shortly before this appearance of the Spirit of America, yet another additional Wonder happened which is worth mentioning: "The creation of the sixth race")...

(2003). "Oh yes, the mystery! The Crown of all!

Before me, there was the Womb of the Sky as, the Female Eternal Chaos, where Father's Spirit makes Matter fruitful... Shining softly from under the World Veil, I see the Child of the Universe, whom I realize as a visible Son.

And thrice, I engage in the Act of Creation supervised by two beautiful Goddesses; and thrice, I connect to the grains of my dark Primal Mother...

All that remains is to whisper at the closed door of Mystery which demand silence: this secret is held by Gods as their very insides, and Demonic guards hold the “walls” with all their might!


Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky MaitreyaViatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya