ArtArsenal, "the black pages" of the annals of Hell! This crack-of-doom (end of the World!) title of a truly martial, dangerous Art came to me in the night, as it should. Yes, it was only a matter of not taking up brushes for almost eleven years (in the belief that the artistic Mission was over) in order to see and wonder at the Images now imprinted on the shrouds of canvas like dark negatives filtered through gelatinous, leaden, ethereal Visions... Of course, something like this has already been suggesting itself, has been finding its way from the underside of life, but it is only now that the Author grows aware of the shocking climactic moment (for himself, and for others too!), for which he has been placed on EARTH, for which this strange and scandalous online book has been written! Only TARTARUS, the root of the World, could finally embrace the Pentagram and turn it upside down: it is here where everything BEGINGS and ENDS. Here, in the shadows, the CREATOR himself is hiding.  

Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya

Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya


May Maitreya keep secret the lordly name of the one who had kindled the Universal Light and then prepared a Quenching Trident?! Here HE is: Pángǔ (in ancient Chinese), Prajâpati (in ancient Indian) or Lucifer – a sacrificial newborn slain by the unity of a common Destiny – thrones by the Egg of the World! Indeed, who but the Satan could have created such an absurd world as our „Cremation Plant“ – and then say, quoth the Bible, that it was good! Maitreya's teachings (the new kind) are but a final and indisputable Proof of the World’s Satanic Essence.



Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky MaitreyaViatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya


Talking about World Parents we may mention only the Blessed Dyad: Satan, the illegitimate son, and his “ever chaste" Mother, Satavera (Kali in Indian). The Formless Cosmic Womb, the maternal "Black hole", once – quite suddenly and without cause – gave birth to the illusory but visible Egg. Although a paltry guinea pig gaze finds it hard to appreciate the "barbarian" cosmic orgy – but at least we see the true origin of Life in the form of Mold on the satanic supporting bone...



The covenant Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya of devouring and breeding, already 

Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya

mentioned in the book (or rather, self-devouring along with the brood), paints in our minds a Babylonian Human Beast, whose mystery Egyptian priests have hidden beyond a kaleidoscope of zoomorpic beings. We would like here to appeal to the most impressionable travellers on our journey: no matter how you escape from these thoughts, you still stay in the cloaca with a non-stop run of others' lives through ourselves (so-called "food"!)... Borrowing constantly and not having a single cell of the body or thought to call our own, the natural lawless thief is approved by the Great Monster.This is why Satanism, in its turn, does not ask for address and adoration, and prayer seems funny rather than functional in these domain of Impersonal Truth... The prayer pose, though highly erotic in an animalistic way is, alas, barren.

Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya Yes – Satan as the Supreme Substance needs neither praise nor reproach – and the numerous (mortal!) Gods he created do not bend their knees for clear reasons: the despair of World nets of Empty Time, the proximity of the Altar of Moloch! Those approaching the Temporary World Source can hear the sharp and frivolous first WORD involuntarily uttered by the Creator, which best characterizes what we see today, and which often wish to repeat. The Author has heard once the sound-voice of Satan (which seems to consist of Wind) cannot well explain the etymological history of this indecent but highly functional Russian word as Satanic speech… (see „Satanic Diaries“)

„Make a scandal!”,Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya - once, in the recent past, the Voice said to the Author's voice, and now, describing the TARTARUS, unwittingly becoming a mystic Witness, Maitreya must resort to “blasphemy”. Undermining false patriarchal traditions step by step, you will seem as a kind of Antichrist – but, ladies and gentlemen, this is dictated by time, and very soon the New Religion will become ordinary… Maitreya’s code as the Symbol of the Era will enter into life through the next time-world events and discoveries.

The New Church iconostasis awaits glorious continuation (stay tuned!) in truly contemporary paintings and timely interpretations of the World of the Dead. Your guides here will be the Miracles of Revelation – the Satanic Diaries.


Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky MaitreyaViatcheslav Petrov-Gladky MaitreyaViatcheslav Petrov-Gladky Maitreya